Nebraska Lottery Results Feed

Our lottery data feeds cover Nebraska State Lottery games. Nebraska Sate Lottery operates a variety of lottery games. These include the following games officially run by the Nebraska State Lottery Department:

  • Powerball
  • MEGA Millions
  • Megaplier
  • Pick 5
  • 2 By 2
  • MyDay
  • Pick 3

Our XML lottery data feeds provide coverage of the results of all of the Nebraska Lottery games. Our HTML lottery data feeds allow for turnkey integration of Nebraska lottery results into any web page. Our lottery results feeds for Nebraska State lottery games include the current winning numbers, as well as previous results, current jackpot amounts, jackpot trackers, lottery payout information, hot and cold number charts, frequency analysis and more.

Our lottery results feeds for Nebraska are available in English language or Spanish language. Digital publishers interested in our Nebraska lottery feeds can use our data feeds for web based integration, in digital signage, for smart phone applications and more. In addition to Nebraska State lottery results we provide lottery results for every U.S. state lottery game, and international lottery results for Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, the U.K., Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and most of Latin America. If you are interested in licensing our lottery results feeds contact us for more information.

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In addition to Lottery Data feeds we provide digital media with U.S. local gas price data through our service, and other data feeds to incude global weather, horoscopes, stocks/finance, celebrity entertainment, daily comics, recipes, crossword puzzles and more. Visit our parent company web site at for more information.

Sales & Pricing

Our lottery data feeds are priced as low as $150.00 U.S. per month and are based on the size of our customers, their reach and their intended use as well as the amount of lottery data they desire to license. Sample data feeds are available for review. Contact us today to learn more about our lottery data pricing.

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Some Of Our Clients

Our lottery data feeds are used by small individual web publishers or application makers as well as by some of the largest digital publishers worldwide. Clients using our data feeds include DirecTV, USA Today, MSN, BING, AOL, ABC, FOX, Univision,, WRAL, Gray Television, and many others.